Lycée de Bellevue (France, Martinique, Fort-de-France)

School Description:


Our school  hosts approximately 2,000  students from all social backgrounds and employs 220 teachers. It is located in the capital of Martinique, Fort-de-France. Our high school students can specialize in :

– Math, chemistry and physics

– Math and biology

– Economics and social sciences

– Literature and foreign languages

– Management

One of the priorities of our Administration is to open our students to different ways of life from all over the world and to develop partnerships with foreign countries. This is a necessity for us as we are an island far away from Europe with a specific history and can easily be isolated from the outside world.

That is why we make it a priority to improve our students’ understanding of foreign languages and cultures, to allow them to see the world from an optimistic perspective, to carry out collaborative projects that foster friendship and peaceful links between countries.  We have hosted students from different European countries and the USA and have sent our students in foreign schools on exchange programmes for a limited period of time.