IGS Busecker Tal (Germany, Hessen, Buseck)

School Description:


The Gesamtschule Busecker Tal, Buseck, Germany


The Gesamtschule Busecker Tal is an integrated, comprehensive school with musical focus. Situated in the town of Buseck, near Gießen, it is an all-day school attended by students from surrounding villages starting from grade five up to grade ten. Our school offers students from any social, religious or ethnic background an individualized way of learning. We do this by using differing teaching methods and by providing individualized support. Students of different abilities start learning together in joint classes beginning in grade five. Depending on their individual strengths and interests they can specialize in subjects like music, sports, languages and science.

Starting in grade seven, basic and advanced level courses in Maths, German and English are offered and students can choose a second language (Spanish, French or Latin) or an elective course in Woodwork, Information Technology or Science. All the other subjects are taught in joint classes of mixed abilities where students learn and study together accompanied by a tutor or a specialized teacher. Teachers at every grade work together as a team throughout the year. The spacious buildings with their well lit classrooms and large learning areas for individual projects contribute to a good learning atmosphere. Each grade is located on a different floor where classrooms surround a working area.

In addition to the learning experience, the school provides a school cafeteria, a gymnasium, an indoor swimming pool which is shared with the community of the town, a school library, different activity rooms for clubs and a school garden. Since the school operates throughout the day, a warm lunch, cooked and served by our own students, is provided before the afternoon classes start. After lunch break the students either have compulsory lessons to work on or get help and support with their homework. Besides these activities, there is also a huge variety of different clubs and workshops they can take part in.

As mentioned earlier, there is a special focus on musical education at our school. All students are given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and to join the orchestra or one of the many music groups. Concerts, musicals, theatre performances and art projects take place regularly in the course of each school year. Since we believe that school is more than just classroom learning, different language exchanges (France, Spain and Poland), a skiing course and experimental, life learning activities are also part of our teaching concept.

Preparation of final exams, vocational guidance and work experiences take place before the students finally graduate with different types of school certificates, such as lower secondary, upper secondary and A-level recommendation depending on their abilities and performance.