Colegiul Economic “Maria Teiuleanu”(Romania, Pitesti)

School Description:


“Maria Teiuleanu” Economic College is one of the most representative high schools in Pitesti, Arges County. Its origin dates back to the 19th century and it has the advantage of being the only commercial high school in our county. Over 900 students aged 15-19 study here. The educational process is ensured by a teaching staff consisting of 60 members. The main form of education is represented by full-time courses (4 years) in the departments of finance, public service, accounting, tourism, trade and food services.

The school has a rich experience in European funded projects as there have been the following projects implemented:

  • Comenius Multilateral How to Avoid Crimes and Being Offended in the Internet 2010-2012
  • Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Management  E-learning Experience for Training Secondary School Students 2010-2012
  • Comenius Regio School Cooperation with Local Authorities 2011-2013
  • KA1 VET Erasmus Plus Developing the entrepreneurial skills of the learners through the European mobility training programme 2014-2016
  • KA2 Strategic Partnerships Erasmus Plus project Stop Violence at School by Arts, Handicrafts and Sports 2014-2016

Over the four years of high school, the students learn numerous specialised modules, to acquire the theoretical knowledge necessary for the future job (business marketing, operational planning, organizing human resources, the accounting of events and transactions, economic contracts, payment instruments, market analysis, business negotiation, finance and taxation, statistics, insurances, use of computers in accounting), which then they practice and turn into abilities within hours of internships conducted in economic institutions in the county.

Students train at various companies to know how to conduct their activity to become familiar with the specific work in a real company. Here students have the opportunity to put into practice everything they have learned in school, acquire new skills and abilities, to know the specific work of an economic institution.

Romanian students learn two foreign languages, English and French/ German, being willing to co-operate with other partners from other countries. There is also eagerness to learn about different cultures and traditions.