Ave María La Quinta (Spain, Granada)

School Description:


Ave María de la Quinta, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Our school is one of the 8 schools of the “Avemaria Patronage Foundation of Granada”. It was founded in 1901 by the religious Andres Manjon, who tried to teach children from the Sacromonte neighbourhood to read and write, natural science, etc. (his doctrine is famous in Spain and other countries of South America).

We are situated near the city centre of Granada, in Andalusia. From our School you can see the famous “Torre de la Vela” in the Alhambra building.

We are proud of assist students from any social, economic and ethnic background from Granada and towns near our school. Our students can start their studies in the school at 3 years old and finish them at 16 when they can continue their studies in two of our school in different ways (university training or vocational training). Over 600 students come to the school from Monday to Friday and 37 teachers help them in their way of the knowledge.

Although this is our first participation as a partner in this kind of project, we have a lot of experience in interchanges, language immersions and journeys abroad, etc.

Our students can learn two foreign languages (English and French) since their childhood.

We organize different cultural, sportive, musical performances individually and cooperating with another schools from our institution and others.

As our founder Manjon said: “Manjon’s pedagogy is in essence science of child, but who has to do this science is not the child, except the teacher, as the teacher is who has to do to the school”