Description of the Project

The present project has been developed by five secondary high schools from France, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Germany. The project is intended to meet the objectives of the European Commission by taking our responsibility as educational institutions.

According to Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of young people, the project intends to:
-provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and in the labour market;
– promote active citizenship and social inclusion for all the young people;
-provide quality education and training;
– reduce youth unemployment by facilitating the transition from school to work and reduce labour market segmentation at national and EU level;
-achieve successful labour market integration and more mobility of young people as the key to unleashing all young people’s potential;
-support young entrepreneurs.

Taking into account the different rates of youth unemployment in the countries participating in this project (Spain: 49.2%, France: 23.5 %; Romania: 23.3 %, Turkey: 18.6 %, Germany: 7.1 %) it becomes clear that there is a need to develop something innovative.
The rates show, in comparison to Germany (7.1%), that action has to be taken in this field. In the context of today’s increasing unemployment rates, these results are caused by the difficulty of graduates to find workplaces in accordance with their interests, abilities, skills, personality traits. Therefore, aims at the needs of young European citizens in secondary schools to find a suitable career path and make the right career choices in full self-awareness by having access to information regarding the general economic environment of the European labour market.

The project is established around the central concept of exchange of experience and good practices. Participants will benefit from the expertise of professionals and associated partners of beneficiaries who will assist the students in transferring the information and applying it to a modern, dynamic school environment.

The project focuses on the development of students’ entrepreneurial skills and offers them opportunities to connect local/regional/European institutions or private companies with the same scope to the labour market. Students will analyze their own marketability, increase their flexibility and align to the concept of continuous learning and flexible career options, develop their adaptability to labour markets in local, national and EU level.

Active European citizenship is in view. The fact that the participating students come from such diverse social and geographical backgrounds provides a unique opportunity for them to acquire knowledge and a deeper understanding of the cultural and linguistic diversity characteristic of the European community. Thus, the project creates a meaningful context for them to develop their interpersonal and communication skills in foreign languages, both during face-to-face visits and by using a wide variety of multimedia tools for online communication and for the design of a website to promote the project outcomes.

Equity and inclusion are aimed by offering equal opportunities for people coming from financially-challenged social strata as well as students with disabilities or students of ethnic minorities.

This project involves students, teachers, school staff, labour market representatives, PTA members, NGOs as the target groups.
The project lasts for two years and there will be two Transnational Meetings at the beginning and end and three Learning Teaching Training Activities. There will be workshops during the student exchanges to observe and experience good practices in the German school (Good Practice 1: The developed connection between the school and the Labour Market in Germany) and the Romanian school (Good Practice 2: Creating the training firms as the real firms (Mock Companies) in Romania. Those practical and useful applications will be integrated into the project activities and during the second year all the partners will apply these two actions. In every exchange seminars given by professionals from the labour market will be organized with the purpose of facilitating the transition from school to work and reducing labour market segmentation to have successful labour market integration at national and international level.

The last meeting will be conceived as an event when all the activities, results, statistics, outputs, sustainable developments, improved connections between the labour market, sources for other schools will be disseminated to the attendants at local or national levels and to the EU partners.

Having all these in view, the scope of this project is international. It will provide a strong synergy to the partner schools and inspiration for pupils to develop their future career.